A Mother Looks At The Gay Child by Jesse Davis

1. This book is a 'must read' for anyone who wants to know what Gay is all about.
2. If you are Gay and need help and understanding, this book is for you.


Ten percent of the population is homosexual. These people are not just numbers on a graph. they come into this world as infants, born to everyday moms and dads. They go to school, play, grow up just like everybody else. But when they get to young adulthood they are in a no-man's land. No help, no understanding, no acceptance. Here is a book that gives hope to these lonely, perplexed kids and their parents.

"Whether you are Catholic or not, this is a must read for every perplexed mother. We all can learn from the growth and acceptance process Jesse went through." -Ruth Ko, Publisher, Orange Coast Magazine

"Jesse gives you valuable insight about a part of our society that needs to be understood. It is not just for Catholic parents; nor is it only for parents of gay children: it is a book for everyone." - Frank J. Rose, MD

"A courageous and inspirational work that will help any person, or parent of any person, who is 'special' or 'different.' It addresses one of the most sacred struggles that teachers, clergy, therapists, parents and people of good will face: helping ourselves and others reclaim who we really are. I highly recommend this book." -Stuart Bloom,Ph.D.

"This book serves as an inspiration for all parents seeking answers to difficult questions."-John H. Good, President, National Associations of Catholic Diocesan Lesbian and Gay Ministries (NACDLGM)


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A Mother Looks at the Gay Child by Jesse Davis
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